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Installed Base Management

Installed Base Management helps in real-time visibility into equipment service history, location, and performance. An up-to-date installed base is key to the field service business as it helps in increased technician productivity with easy and accurate access to IB data. This helps in faster restoration and resolution of issues. Also, it helps to identify revenue opportunities based on product behavior, and an ability to track products on the field resulting in Product design improvements. 

For more information, see Installed Base.

Mobile Activity Space

Mobile Activity Space helps in building and deploying custom UI using HTML5/Javascript that can be utilized within SFM workflow. This enhances user experience by delivering any custom UI with access to downloaded data. Mobile Activity Space can be deployed to the mobile app by uploading the zip file to the Custom Action configuration.

For more information, see Mobile Activity Space

Service Flow Automation (SFA) Enhancements

  • Send SMS from Salesforce data - It is now possible to send SMS when a Service Manager or Dispatcher changes data in the server. This helps in notifying the technician or customer when a job is rescheduled. Additionally, it is also possible to configure multiple phone numbers to send an SMS notification. For more information, see SFA Configuration for SMS Notification.
  • Notification Action Buttons - Admins can now configure action buttons and its respective deep link in Push Notification. Technicians can click on the interactive buttons below the notification message and open the configured deep link. For more information, see SFA Configuration for Push Notification and SFA Configuration for Local Notification.

Add Files/Documents directly on qualified SFMs

Technicians can now add files/documents in the Documents tab using a qualified SFM. They can browse and select the file from their mobile device.

For more information, see Adding Attachments.

12/24 Hour Device Setting Support

The app now respects the device 12/24 hour time setting instead of the device region/locale/language setting.

Checklist Deep Link Support

Deep links can now be used to view or create Checklists.

For more information, see Deep Links to ServiceMax Go App.

App-to-App Support

Technicians can export full record data from Go App to Third-Party Apps using SFM Custom Actions of type App-to-App.

For more information, see App-to-App Communication.

Bulk/Batch Child Line Updates

Technicians can now edit values on multiple child lines at a given time. Also deletion of multiple child lines is supported.

For more information, see Editing Multiple Child Lines.

Support for Arabic Language

Arabic language is now supported on Go App.

Lookup Search Icon Updated

The Lookup Search icon has been updated from a picklist icon to a magnifying glass icon. 

For more information related to which features are supported in Go App vs Classic Apps, see Feature Comparison Matrix.