Updated on 9/23/2019
Service Board 19.2 Consolidated Help
About Service Board
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About Service Board

The ability to dispatch appropriate resources for timely service delivery is critical to the success of service management. Service Board provides dispatchers the ability to prioritize, match, schedule and monitor their jobs and resources. Service Board is built on Max, which is ServiceMax's Application Platform.

Service Board includes the following components:

  • Service Board: A web application that you can use to prioritize jobs, match resources to jobs, schedule resources and monitor jobs and resources. You can use Service Board to complete the following key tasks:
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    • Identify and prioritize jobs for dispatch.
    • Identify the most appropriate resources to meet job requirements.
    • Schedule jobs on resource calendars.
    • Analyze resource availability by using shift-planning features.
    • Create and compose crews to perform complex work.
    • Monitor the safety of resources and completion of jobs in real time with a map-based interface.
  • This application is primarily used by dispatchers, and is available only to users who have the Dispatcher and Crew Manager roles in Max.

  • Max Designer and Max Admin: Web applications that you can use to set up and configure Service Board on the Max platform. You can use Max Designer and Max Admin to perform the following key tasks:
    • Create objects and their associated fields.
    • Define roles, groups, and security access rights.
    • Create and manage credentials and job requirements.
    • Define shifts, shift plans, and holiday schedules.
    • Configure job and appointment status lifecycles.

Max Designer and Max Admin are available only to users who have the System Administrator role in Max. 

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